September 6-8, 2018 DEMO DAY SEPTEMBER 5 Orlando, Florida



BluewaterBluewater at Surf Expo

Bluewater is Surf Expo’s newest category!   Catering to inshore and offshore apparel and accessory companies and inspired by like-minded watersports brands, Bluewater connects to the waterman lifestyle that has always been a part of Surf Expo’s DNA, and is a perfect complement to Surf Expo’s existing floor categories.

The buyer-focused grouping of brands features inshore and offshore apparel and accessory products ranging from lifestyle and technical apparel to footwear, outerwear, sportswear, t-shirts, sunglasses, outdoor apparel and much more.

Bluewater is centrally located on Surf Expo’s show floor bordered by the Paddle, Surf and Boutique categories offering crossover opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

For information about Exhibiting in Bluewater at Surf Expo contact:
Kenneth Andres



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