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Surf Expo Stirs Up Excitement With the Return of Bluewater in September

ORLANDO, FLA., May 07, 2018 — Things are going a little further beyond the surf at Surf Expo on September 6-8, 2018, with the return of the Bluewater category. After its debut in January 2018, Bluewater is back and making an even bigger splash.

Devoted to the waterman lifestyle, Bluewater is Surf Expo’s newest category, showcasing distinguished inshore and offshore brands that are celebrated from the saltwater to the sand and surf.

Bluewater was born from Surf Expo’s commitment to creating a meaningful marketplace for buyers, retailers and media.

“Our mission is and always has been to be on the cutting edge of new industry trends, and that is what we are achieving with this new category,” said Kenneth Andres, Surf Expo sales manager. “We’ve identified a larger audience within the watersports and beach lifestyle markets. “

“Surfers, beach enthusiasts and watermen share similar interests and lifestyles, so we’re shining a light on this crossover market at Surf Expo and starting this new dialogue among the industries. Bluewater is a perfect complement to Surf Expo, and we’re bringing multiple industries together, under one roof, to showcase the complete coastal lifestyle experience.”

The Bluewater category caters to all types of watermen and coastal-minded folks — whether they enjoy time surfing, wake surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, water skiing, boating, fishing or pursuing any other on-the-water activity.

Bluewater is bringing a lot of excitement to the September show, including some of the most celebrated outdoor brand exhibitors, appearances from popular outdoor sportsmen and influencers, and product activations on Demo Day, in addition to attracting a wider audience of outdoor retailers and attendees.

With even more Bluewater news and event updates to come, follow to stay up to date.

Surf Expo hotel room blocks are now available, and buyer registration is open.

About Bluewater at Surf Expo:

Bluewater, the newest category within Surf Expo, is devoted to the waterman lifestyle, showcasing distinguished inshore and offshore brands that are celebrated from the saltwater to the sand and surf. Featured products range from performance and lifestyle apparel to outerwear, sportswear, footwear, accessories, gear and more.

Launched in January 2018, the new Bluewater category puts a spotlight on outdoor brands that have always been a part of Surf Expo’s DNA, bringing the show’s coastal lifestyle marketplace full circle.

Centrally located on the expo floor, the Bluewater category’s exhibit area borders those of the paddle, surf and boutique categories to make a seamless connection between Bluewater brands and related show categories. Blending the inshore and offshore worlds under Surf Expo’s one roof exposes buyers and sellers to this growing crossover market within the coastal lifestyle industry.

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