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Popticals Showcases New Line of Sports Sunglasses That Extend From a Portable Size Using Patented New Technology

Orlando (2016) Eyewear company Popticals® will be showcasing their innovative new line of portable, pop-out sports sunglasses that will change the way surfers, beachgoers, and watersport enthusiasts think about their sunglasses. Using a patented new design, Popticals builds portable, high-performance sports sunglasses with a convenient, safe way to store them when they are not in use.
The Popticals patented design features the FL2 Micro-Rail System® that allows the premium, nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision to spoon together during storage. A small, durable case keeps Popticals safe so they can be carried around in bags, thrown on car seats, or tossed on beach blankets without risking damage. Popticals then extend from compact storage to high-performance sunglasses in one smooth motion.

Besides the unique portable design, Popticals offers some of the highest performance lenses on the planet. The nylon lenses made by industry-leading optics company Carl Zeiss Vision offer superior optical clarity and a lighter weight than polycarbonate lenses, as well as hydrophobic Ri-Pel® technology that repels water, oil, sweat and sunscreen. The polarized UV400 lenses filter out all harmful UV rays while eliminating glare for the clearest vision possible. Made in Italy, each pair of Popticals are assembled, painted and finished by hand.
The Popticals introductory line of 5 frames and 25 color and lens combinations is available now with an MSRP starting at $169.
Designed for portability and performance, Popticals bring true innovation to the world of sports sunglasses. Popticals builds premium sports sunglasses that provide high-performance eyewear when you need them, and a convenient, safe way to store them when you don’t.
About Popticals: Popticals were created to solve the basic problem with wrap-around sport sunglasses: they aren’t portable. The company invented a solution by creating an innovative, patented design with a rail system that allows the lenses to slide parallel to each other or “spoon” for portable, safe storage on the go. The sunglasses easy expand from their small size to provide sunglasses for those who don’t want to sacrifice portability for quality.
Popticals was founded with a spirit for innovation and adventure. With world-class nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, Popticals deliver high-performance sunglasses when you need them and a safe, compact place to store them when you don’t. The Popticals introductory line of 5 styles and 25 SKUS is available now at select retailers and on

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