September 6-8, 2018 DEMO DAY SEPTEMBER 5 Orlando, Florida


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Explore The Neighborhood at Surf Expo

The Neighborhood at Surf Expo is a collection of like-minded brands rooted in surf, travel and adventure located within the surf section. Stop by the Neighborhood to check out the latest brands and take a break in one of the lounges.  The Neighborhood Lounge features a hand crafted coffee bar from Commune and Co and is a great place to unwind in the afternoon for Happy Hour at 4:45 Thursday and Friday.

The Neighborhood welcomes back the What Youth Radical Class Lounge. What Youth will be entertaining at Surf Expo once again, playing a variety of video premieres, hosting Happy Hours, distributing copies of their latest magazine issues and playing curated music in their Radical Class Lounge.

Exhibitors in The Neighborhood

Astrname 1819
G-Shock 1720
Duvin 1519
Fossil 1323
Globe 1529
Gotcha & OP by Icons Of Culture 1427
Grand Trunk 1817
Herschel Supply Co. 1820
Hippy Tree 1814
Howler Bros 1929
Jetty 1827
Levi’s 1923
Lira 1823
Lotus and Luna 1719
Maui and Sons 1429
Mission Belt 1425
OTIS 1721
Outdoor Tech 2030
Pura Vida 1431
Qalo 1327
Raw Elements 1423
Rhythm 1829
Richer Poorer 1527
Roark 1414
Rusty 1825
Salty Crew 1412
Simbi 1621
Strata 1617
TAVIK 1631
TenTree 1619
TOMS 1420
Turq 1419
United by Blue 1927

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