January 25-27, 2018 Orlando, Florida


Kayak & Canoe at Surf Expo

Kayak and CanoeKayak & Canoe is a perfect complement to Surf Expo’s existing water-focused categories including surf, SUP, wake and wind.  Our post-Labor Day timing is perfect for retail buyers and hardgood product schedules.

Surf Expo Kayak And Canoe Group of images

Benefit for Buyers

  • Buyers appreciate the opportunity to shop crossover markets and the date pattern after Labor Day, Sept. 8-9 with a Demo Day on Sept. 7th
  • Surf Expo is a business-focused, order-writing show. Come GET BUSINESS DONE!
  • Surf Expo’s September show features 12 categories of products all under one roof. The floor is organized by category, to make it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for, and maximize their time at the show!

Surf Expo Categories

Benefit for Exhibitors

  • Surf Expo is an order writing show. Buyers come prepared to order, and on average, the planned per-buyer spend is $339,000.
  • 63% of buyers are specialty retailers, followed by general sporting goods and online retailers.
  • Orlando is a cost-effective destination for flights, hotels, and amenities.

Feedback from Industry Leaders…

We are looking forward to being at Surf Expo in September. The show is a proven event for watersports manufacturers and retailers. The addition of Kayaks and Canoes are a natural fit. The location and timing could not be better. Orlando offers affordable flights, hotels and restaurant options. Surf Expo post-Labor Day timing directly addresses our retailers’ voice and readily aligns with our new product introductions. It’s a great opportunity to write orders with our existing retailers as well as get in front a new audience in a fresh venue.

Wanonah_logo Bill Kueper, Vice President, Wenonah Canoe

We are excited to start a new partnership with Surf Expo. The Show’s timing is conducive for order writing and we understand that buyers come prepared to do so.  Surf Expo is also a great opportunity to reach complementary markets and cultivate a community for all kayak and canoe brands.

Confluence_logo  Sue Rechner, President and CEO, Confluence Outdoor

A Few Exhibitors You’ll See…

Company Booth No.
Bic Sports 1842
Boardworks Surf 2042
Chasing Fin 2446
Coastal Kayaks 2050
Confluence Outdoor 2242
Engel USA 2547
IceMule Company, Inc. 2146
Kokopelli Raft Co. 2054
Level Six Inc. 2047 & 2048
LXV Outdoor Inc. / Tahoe SUP 2642
NRS 2250
Pelican International 2442
Pelican Products Inc 2545
Ram Mounts 2448
Riot Kayaks & Boreal Design 2445
Roc Gear Inc 2053
Scott 2055
Seattle Sports Co 2046
Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis 2057
Torpedo Bait Buckets 2149
Wenonah Canoe Inc. 1857
WindPouch 2248


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