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Arrive and Thrive: A Message From Show Director Roy Turner

Posted 1/9/2013

The tenacity, creativeness and inventiveness of specialty retailers never cease to amaze me and it is with this thought that I welcome all of you to Surf Expo!

For 37 years specialty retailers in the boardsports, fashion, beach lifestyle, gift and souvenir industries have been coming together at Surf Expo and this year we’re excited to present a larger marketplace as well as expanded offerings including dive/freediving, consumables, electronics and SUP.

It was 10 years ago that Surf Expo partnered with a group of specialty boardsport retailers from across the country and the Caribbean to help develop a network for communication, education and the sharing of ideas. That group went on to form the Board Retailers Association, which is celebrating its ten-year anniversary at this show.

BRA now represents more than 660 specialty retail businesses representing more than 2,200 storefronts in the U.S and Caribbean. Many of the educational programs presented here at Surf Expo come from BRA, in addition to member benefits and the collective voice that BRA provides.

We congratulate the Board Retailers Association on its tenth anniversary milestone as well as for its support of retailers who are at the heart of the industry that spawned Surf Expo 37 years ago.

Whether it’s gift, resort, swim or boardsports, retailers who attend Surf Expo continue to push fringe ideas, drive product development and cultivate new experiences for their ever-growing and emerging audiences. We feel that the increased categories and exhibitor selection at this year’s Surf Expo are positioned to support the markets we serve as well as introduce new ideas, products and vendors that will allow retailers of any size to offer products that consumers will feel are “special” in the marketplace.

To all the retailers and exhibitors that are celebrating their first, fifth, tenth or fiftieth year in business, we salute you and welcome you back to Surf Expo as well as wish you all a profitable 2013.

Welcome To The Show!

Roy Turner - Show Director

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