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Brotein Bars invades Florida

Surf Expo Debut for Rising Stars in Sports Nutrition.

Posted 1/3/2013

Orlando, FL. January 3, 2013: Brotein Bars, the hottest name in the protein bar market, is looking forward to making a splash at the 2013 Surf Expo here in Orlando Florida with top-notch products & an enthusiastic approach to bring out the inner-bro in everyone.

Led by six fearless bros from unique backgrounds, these young men have set out on a mission to unite the Bros & Brodettes of the world under the flag of proper nutrition for their on the go lifestyle.

Offering a mix of energy & protein bars with catchy names like Peanut Butter Swag, Cherry Pop, & Fudge FleXXX, the bars promise to deliver all natural ingredients & the right amount of protein, carbs, & fiber to keep all Bros at performing at their peak.

“We’ve got a team of legitimate Bros who know what their fellow Bros need in a protein bar,” says Co-Owner Henry Lee, “and we are going to give it to them. So put on your big Bro pants & stop by booth #2035 to give our bars a try. You’ll thank us.”

Brotein was founded in 2012 by six recent college graduates from diverse backgrounds who all saw the need for a protein/energy bar for young male athletes, & knew that they were up to the task of delivering it.

The bars are made in Chicago, & apparel in Washington DC & Texas, making this a truly all-American company. The company is currently expanding operations in California, Illinois, and the Washington DC area. Brotein Bars are carried in several supplement stores & gyms in California, & are also available on the website.

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