Exhibitor Scam Warnings

Beware of marketing offers from Construct Data (The Fair Guide) and similar companies – the offers look official and the invoices appear legitimate, but they are not.

Construct Data Verlag AG of Austria, Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV of Mexico and similar companies target U.S. tradeshow exhibitors. They offer advertising space on The Fair Guide and/or Expo Guide websites, using a form which resembles an organizer’s free catalog listing service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an on-line directory. However, exhibitors who sign and return the form are then bound to a non-terminable agreement at significant cost for a period of at least three years and automatically renewing thereafter at the same cost, unless canceled by registered letter within the appropriate period.

Surf Expo and Emerald Expositions shows are NOT affiliated in any way with Expo Guide or its Web site, www.expo-guide.com, or Construct Data's Fair Guide, a company that has contacted our customers in the past. 

Please be sure to carefully read all documents before you fill them out.

If you have questions about listings or advertising opportunities in Surf Expo's magazine, onsite directory or our website, please contact your sales representative.